Digital Radiography

Supplying Confidence In NDT

In addition to conventional film radiography Aerotech Inspection & NDT also offer latest technology Computed Radiography (CR)
This technique uses all the same equipment and set up as conventional radiography, except that the X-Ray film and subsequent chemical processing is replaced by a reusable phosphor screen and a laser image scanning unit.
Current phosphor screen technology can produce images with equivalent resolution and quality to X-Ray film. These resultant images can be evaluated on a high-resolution monitor, with image enhancing, identification, defect measuring capabilities etc built into the software analysis package. All images are stored on various forms of electronic storage media for onward transfer to the end user.
Over the past decade this technology has become increasingly accepted and, in some cases, replaced conventional film techniques completely. Aerotech have continually strived to be at the forefront of this technological shift and currently offer the latest GE and Dürr CR systems.
Aerotech have been recently approved to undertake computed radiography on Airbus, Rolls Royce and Martin Baker castings and welds and will be audited by NADCAP in May 2018. Once this is completed further approvals will be sought from other industry leaders.
If you have any questions on how computed radiography NDT can benefit your business, please contact CR Manager Duncan Clarke.


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