Dye Penetrant Inspection

Supplying Confidence in NDT

Dye Penetrant Inspection is a relatively simple process, which, if carried out in a specific and controlled manner, is a very cost effective means of detecting surface breaking defects on non-porous materials of all shapes, sizes and types, both in laboratory or on site environments.
Typical parts tested are machined components, castings, forgings,  stampings and welds.
All examinations are carried out in accordance with approved techniques in order to meet specific client/specification requirements.
This method can use both colour contrast or fluorescent dyes [water washable or post emulsifiable], depending on the required test sensitivity and test location. Effectively the part under test is coated or immersed in the dye for a pre-determined period of time, after this the excess dye is removed either by water washing or solvent removal and a developer [chalk dust or chalk suspension] is applied to draw any residual dye out of surface breaking discontinuities, thus making the presence of the discontinuity visible.
Colour contrast penetrant systems are viewed under normal white light, and fluorescent dyes are viewed under controlled ultra violet light conditions in a darkened environment, to provide higher sensitivity examinations.

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