High Energy Radiography

Supplying Confidence In NDT

As part of our commitment to our customers and in keeping with our drive to be leaders in ndt technology, Aerotech Inspection & NDT has invested in excess of £300k in two state of the art betatron units [6 and 7.5 MeV].
Very few other inspection companies in the UK can offer this service, and the units at Aerotech Inspection & NDT are the only ones to be found in the West Midlands area.
These units allow examinations in section thicknesses in excess of 4” of steel, with the advantage of much shorter exposures and much higher radiographic sensitivity and image quality than traditional gamma radiation images.
These units produce extremely high energy X Radiation. Whereas conventional X Ray tubes generate energies up to 500kV, these units generate energies of 6 and 7.5 MeV, with a relatively small focal spot size, giving unparalleled image quality in the examination of thick sections.

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