Magnetic Particle Inspection

Supplying Confidence In NDT

Magnetic Particle Inspection, when carried out in a controlled manner, is a very cost effective method of detecting surface breaking and slightly sub surface defects in ferromagnetic components of all shapes and sizes, both in a laboratory or on site environments.
Typical parts tested are machined components, castings, forgings, stampings and welds
All examinations are carried out in accordance with approved techniques in order to meet specific client/specification requirements.
To carry out the test, a magnetic field is induced in the part, using either a proprietary magnetic bench unit, electromagnetic yoke or a permanent magnet.
Whilst the part is energised, a magnetic ink is applied, and the magnetic particles within the ink will be attracted to locations where a break in the magnetic field resulting in a leakage path shows the presence and location of any surface breaking or slightly sub surface discontinuity.
During the test, the part is inspected under normal  white light conditions for general examinations, or under controlled ultra violet light in a darkened environment for more critical examinations when a fluorescent magnetic ink will be used.

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