Ultrasonic Testing

Supplying Confidence In NDT

Ultrasonic testing like radiographic testing is another volumetric NDT test, in that it evaluates internal component integrity using high frequency ultrasound.
This test and the interpretation of results is very operator dependent, and Aerotech Inspection & NDT ensure that all ultrasonic tests are carried out only by experienced and suitably qualified technicians, with fully calibrated and state of the art equipment.
To carry out the test an ultrasonic transducer is coupled to the component surface using a gel, so that the resultant ultrasonic waves can be transmitted into the material. The presence of any internal discontinuity will cause the ultrasonic waves to be reflected back, where their effect is picked up by the transducer and recorded on an CRT, or in a digital form.
Various frequency and types of probe are used in order to facilitate examinations on many types of components, castings, forgings, welds etc and in many types of materials, metallic, plastics, ceramics etc.

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